Cathy with: Question about Feed for Success for my Paso Fino

From: Cathy K. Message: Hi Dr. Dan, I just purchased your Feed for Success products and have some questions.  My 13 year old mare has been on Safe Choice and Equi-Shine along with your Bug Check and Red Cal, previously… Continue Reading

IPO= Incredible Product Offering tremendous benefits! (new audio)

IPO = Incredible Product Offering Tremendous Benefits Beyond Just What It Seems On The Surface! ( Not Facebook! 🙂 ) I believe that RED CAL is the single most important investment that you can make for the health and wellness… Continue Reading

Janet asks about EMS cresty neck horse and our "Critical Care" formula

I am supplementing my EMS horse with ____________.   Listened to Dr. Dan speech on cresty neck horses.  Found Critical Care product and ingredients.  $275 for 2 month supply!! Expensive. _________________ has all ingredients of Critical Care and about $100… Continue Reading

Cathy asks about what type of hay for these horses

Dear Dr. Dan,   We are in Wisconsin, and have a client in Florida who has recently moved her horses down there and was having trouble keeping weight on her hot mare.  She started feeding a pelleted formula, and now… Continue Reading

Sally asks about her Quarter Horse: "High strung on Oats"???

Dr Dan, My horse Gusto is an apprendix racebred QH barrel racing horse(streaking- six).  He has been high strung/nervous since the day I bought him and I need to constantly manage this trait.  Last summer I converted my horse to… Continue Reading