a Red Cal (and more) "conversation" with Jane

From: Jane Message: Hi Dr. Dan, I purchased 5 – 25 pounds of Red Cal for my two Arab mares about two months ago.  I removed all salt and mineral blocks form their paddock at that time and put about… Continue Reading

Janet asks about EMS cresty neck horse and our "Critical Care" formula

I am supplementing my EMS horse with ____________.   Listened to Dr. Dan speech on cresty neck horses.  Found Critical Care product and ingredients.  $275 for 2 month supply!! Expensive. _________________ has all ingredients of Critical Care and about $100… Continue Reading

Cathy asks about what type of hay for these horses

Dear Dr. Dan,   We are in Wisconsin, and have a client in Florida who has recently moved her horses down there and was having trouble keeping weight on her hot mare.  She started feeding a pelleted formula, and now… Continue Reading

Sally asks about her Quarter Horse: "High strung on Oats"???

Dr Dan, My horse Gusto is an apprendix racebred QH barrel racing horse(streaking- six).  He has been high strung/nervous since the day I bought him and I need to constantly manage this trait.  Last summer I converted my horse to… Continue Reading