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Nancy asks about mare's breathing/allergy challenges, feeding and more…

From: Nancy Message: Please educate me why your AllerCheck will work compared to other product offerings.  My mare has breathing/allergies/insulin issues. We have tried other products ((Standard Process Equine products, H_ _ _ _, E_ _ _ _ _ _… Continue Reading

IPO= Incredible Product Offering tremendous benefits! (new audio)

IPO = Incredible Product Offering Tremendous Benefits Beyond Just What It Seems On The Surface! ( Not Facebook! 🙂 ) I believe that RED CAL is the single most important investment that you can make for the health and wellness… Continue Reading


Also See: Diana asks about EHV-1; equine herpes virus (wants to boost immune system)   Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association     Equine Herpes Cases Reported in MISSISSIPPI May 10, 2012   The State Veterinarian’s Office was notified on May… Continue Reading