Rachael Asks: Horse Knuckles Over

I have a 4 year old Appendix mare who has always periodically done a “knuckle over” step with her hind legs. I am attaching a video that shows her doing it as a yearling. She now does it periodically under saddle. Sometimes it can be several times during a ride, sometimes we go a week or two without doing it at all. She has only been in light work mostly walk/trot a few times a week. This spring while doing dressage lessons for walk/trot tests, she started doing it more often and then ended up with a thickened upper suspensory. We have been resting for the last few months to let that heal and just recently were cleared for straight line trot work, but she is still tripping. Do you have any thoughts on this?

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Rachael M

As much as I hate to ask…have you had checked for epm? Don’t panic though..just do so and let me know..

 Epm is a what I call a “super bug”..below is an updated answer soon to be put on askdrdan.com regarding epm:
I believe this super bug, EPM, gets trapped in fat cells and can be a major issue or less serious..
Below sort of explains how such happens but also a natural approach

 Commercial feed is full of hydrogenated fats and more.  You must boost the immune system as well as help get rid of the “junk fats” like above that may  already be in the body causing issues

Personally I believe the organisms “super bugs like EPM” get trapped in the fat cells and liver, nerves, brain  etc.and above  are all more than 50 percent fat.  The reason may be hydrogenated fats in feed etc sort of making the cells like little plastic balls..preventing the nutrients from getting into the cells and the waste products out..

My answer is  to “flush” the body with good fats to support the nerves, liver and even each cell membrane. I suggest our weight check supplement at up to 8 oz (typical amount daily is only 2) this will greatly help weight as well as provide good energy, weight, fatty acids, phospholipids (also a huge part of nerves). To support  the immune system our Aller Check supplement.

To support the liver and detox our Health Check supplement.

Of course I suggest getting off of commercial feed entirely.  Please go to www.whattofeedyourhorse.com As to what is suggested instead of commercial bagged feed.

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Hang in there. Let me know!!

For sure have checked! 

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Dr. Dan