Mary Ellen Asks: Smokey Has Lost Weight

We have an equine therapy program at our farm and our horse Smokey had lost some weight during the winter, however, he was gaining it back and then about a month ago he lost a tremendous amount of weight in a short time.  The vet was here in April to float his teeth so I called and told him what was happening so he came and floated his teeth again on September 8, told me to increase his feed which I have done and he is in better spirits now, however, his poop looks likes cow platters.  The vet, also said to get some oats, however, i have a call into him about the amount and he has not called back, yet.  Any suggestions?

Whole oats for sure. As for amount…start with whatever amount of oats giving now slowly double over the next week.(oats needs supplementing too..see below) …. as for loose manure, gut pH  (acidity level) may be issue..I highly suggest throwing away and salt/mineral blocks or rocks as they can’t lick fast enough to neutralize acidic fertilizer through hay or choice loose salt and minerals available at all times can help such.. (Red Cal is our solution to this) So to summarize all above… see and

Thanks For Asking and all the best for you and yours and your program.

Dr. Dan