Bobbi Asks: About Hydraid and Aller Check

Hi Dr. Dan,   I’ve been using your products for years…Aller Check has kept my horse going for years  (he’s coming 30).  My question is:  My mare always paced in the pasture badly but COINCIDENTALLY when I switched to your electrolyte powder Hydraid, she has stopped pacing during turnout.  I changed nothing else in her supplements or feed.  Is it possible that something in your Hydraid has ‘evened out’ a chemical balance she might have had?  I’ll never stop giving Hydraid and Aller check to my horses.
Bobbi G.

Yes on the Hydraid and the boost of Electrolytes it provides. of course Red Cal provided free-choice everyday is the #1 source to provide 7/24/365! Great to hear about your results with Aller Check.

Thanks so much for sharing Bobbi and asking.

Dr. Dan