Susan checks in with an update and has a few questions about hives and supplements

This is partially comment and partially question. I'm not quite ready for giving a testimonial, but I want to share tentative results on hives using Natural Vet products. Would appreciate comments. This is tentative because I'm not sure what part of the regimen is the most responsible for this year's (knock on wood) absence of hives. Hives have escalated each year for five years making horse useless all summer long – white hairs from rubbing, and crazy acting when bugs fly around or land on him. Had resorted to steroids a couple of times then went on antihistamine regimen just to keep it relatively calm last summer. Need to mention, too, that he is insulin resistant and have been trying to control this with diet and exercise.

Since then:

No vaccines or wormers in 2 011, just the highly recommended ones this year and given well before allergy season began (even though it did start very early this year). Plan to go vaccination free again next season.

Products/feed: Health Check, Bug check, Aller check, JAO, weight check, and Red Cal. This is mixed into a pint of soaked non molasses beet pulp just to carry it. Hay is mostly grass, one pint plain oats. When the rest of the herd goes out to pasture, he remains on a grass free track surrounding it munching on sparse hay.

I'm obviously doing a few things right, or perhaps this years drought has kept the biting insects under control enough ???

I'm about to run out of the Health Check and wonder if the other products should be enough by themselves. I'm still giving a full scoop of each daily.


Hello Susan. Thanks for the updates! I wouldn't change anything given the circumstances and what you had told me in the past and at the midwest event…everything is designed to work together. I say that in regards to the supplements, so with that said, you may not know that I'm not fond of beets and I ask that you consider to ease off the beets. 🙂 Let me give you a link to where you can see what I've told others about beets– just something I would consider for maybe even more improvement and stabilization.

Keep in mind that Bug Check is much more than just a bug product and I do recommend for year round use even if just at the small rate. I'd like to think that Bug Check is performing and has helped— regardless of drought, many many are still "fighting the bite" and it has been one of our biggest seasons for Bug Check.

Thanks for your support and for checking in and asking. Keep me posted and hope to see you again soon!

Dr. Dan

Oh, here's the beet link: