Susan asks this about hulless oats…

To: Dr. Dan

Susan W.

I am currently feeding my horse whole oats (from Canada) and hay,
along with Red Cal, Just Add Oats, Weight Check Oil, Joint Check, and
Bug Check.  I am considering switching to hulless oats  (also from
Canada), as the undigested oats are attracting too many birds.  Are
hulless oats nutritionally comparable to whole oats would they would
work with your feeding program?  Also, do you know if they are
genetically modified or do they grow naturally?
Thank you for any information you can provide.

Susan W.

Hi Susan,

I should say that there shouldn't be undigested in the fecal. Its just not ever been an issue I have ever seen or heard nor has what you shared with me about birds.

The hull less can be used with program fine, but will cost more and yet really no more nutritious… only shown higher in protein etc. because hull is not present making "concentration" higher. Not sure if gmo or not though.

I don't think that oats are yet genetically modified. I might expect though that some are hybrids of some sort.

Hope this is helpful and thanks for asking.