Sharon with questions about Supplements/Warts/Soy

To: Dr. Dan

Sharon S.

I usually have my hay tested every year, I feed Bermuda, Mixed Orchard
Grass, pasture grass and sometimes Teff.  Then I buy Horse Tech's
Arizona Complete (which compliments the hay analysis) and feed with
Horse Techs Nutra Flax mix (not that crazy about the flax)  plus salt
and yeast.  That's it, no oats or pellets.
I have Hymalyan salts licks (which they seem to like they stand there
and lick and lick)

My one white horse always has had little warts mostly under his neck
and around his buttox area.  I've read and read and mostly just know
that it has something to do with the immune system.  I've ordered your
Allergy check but I don't think I'll be putting the Grape stuff on his
white body. I've also ordered your Red Cal.  I'd like to see what
happens with that.

Now, the Weight check, that has soy in it.  Is it fermented soy?
Why oats?  I would never feed any pellets or commercial feed but are
the oats just a vehicle for the other stuff?  I remember reading years
ago that the only reason oats became a horse product is because the
cowboys found it much easier to transport than hay.

I'm considering transfering to your program, but I have to do some
figuring about the costs it seems pretty expensive but I know you get
what you pay for in life.


Hi Sharon,

Thanks for considering the program. I'm guessing by now you've seen some
of the info at as well as the related product links.

Oats are just more than a "convenience". I think my oats article along
with the short video both of which are at the feeding program link will
best provide why I use and recommend oats.

Here's the direct link to the article (there's also audios as well):

You just can't go wrong with oats.

My Weight Check Oil contains GMO-Free oil from the soybean. Not to be confused
with the negatives you have and might hear about soy. Unfortunately that is is
something I have to answer often…

(just see pages here:,

but fortunately thousands agree and have come to love the Weight Check Oil as their
source for the good fats (and more) they know their horses need.

I searched years for a gmo-free source of this soy "bean" oil that I could be assured of
and comfortable with. It has performed admirably through the years and
I would put Weight Check up against anything else.

I know you've also already ordered Red Cal— be sure to remove those blocks asap.
Again the short audio on the Red cal page if not yet listened to will be great quick listen

And great on the Aller Check— it looks like you have been doing some due dilengence
and I appreciate you using what I have online— just as you said, so many things are
best approached naturally from the inside out and keep the immune system in top-notch

Again, I appreciate your orders and for choosing us Sharon. I hope the above helps and keep me posted.