Rita says: "Wonderful RED CAL"

I FINALLY started feeding Red Cal to my horses-free choice as well as some top dressing-this spring. I must admit I was reluctant to believe it would make a difference but now am humbled! I have a quarter horse gelding that could not sweat in the heat and humidity.

Last summer was hard especially hard on him even though I was giving him supplements and beer as recommended by others. He never did sweat last summer. Now that he has Red Cal daily as well as Bug Check, he has been sweating even when the heat index is over 100 degrees! All are on Bug Check as well and the flies appear less than last year. I am hopeful that with the Bug Check, the ticks will be kept at bay once we return to Arkansas now that the horses have a good loading dose.

Thank you!

Rita F.

Thank you for sharing Rita! Dr. Dan wanted us to pass along that it is OK to continue the loading dose if/when a little extra is still needed to get over the hump. Also remember that it is only healthy and more than "just" a bug product and is suggested year-round even just at the smallest amount for these other benefits (regardless of fighting bugs) and to sort of keep in the system and not have to start over next year.

Thanks again so much for taking the time to share about Red Cal!