Nancy asks about support for her her own arthritis and asthma challenges…

To: Dr. Dan


so I have both, I am 60, run a big farm and have trouble with my knees
 I am a vegetarian, have cut back on dairy.. and still have really bad
pain.. what do you recommend?  I am not riding my horse and i want to
have fun!

Hi Nancy.

My suggestions to try and get you going again would be to at least provide yourself
with REDOXX Hi-Mag version (this is our #1 people supplement and wouldn't go without!) and then
I just released today my KRILL Oil product, "KRILL FACTOR" that I would add into
the regimen. These will help support each of your challenges.

Now, again, strictly for joint/inflammation support I also have a product called
ENHANCE FACTOR that like the new krill product will provide more essential
fatty acids that will help support joint function and ingredients that will help support
as wide range of challenges as well.

For just more support targeted at the joint/inflammation challenges I would provide my Comfort Caps.

I also have a product called TrimFlex that is a combination of not only joint ingredients
not found in the others above, but also includes a formula that has provided many benefits
like energy, level blood sugars, and for some weight loss/muscle building.

I will provide direct links below, so you can review more about the ingredients of each.

As with anything… sometimes it is just a matter of getting the right combination together to
provide what your body needs, but I do hope the above recommendations give
you a foundation to start with and work with.

Keep me posted and thanks for asking! Here's the links: