Lynn asks this about Bug Check and Hydraid usage (EPSM)…

Hi, just making sure that my IR pony and my epsm horse {sugar issues) can have these products. My horse with epsm seems to get string halt when she has too much grass combined with hot and/or humid weather so I give her electrolytes. Lynn W.

Hello Lynn.

It is absolutely fine to use these products no matter.

But I do have to stress the importance of the overall feeding program and the 3 supplements that are a part of it. It has helped so many for years.

And yes, for electrolytes (and much more) the RED CAL should not be skipped. (be sure to remove blocks/rocks) But for the little extra support when needed the Hydraid is perfect to have on hand.

Let me share a couple of links below that will guide you to several question/answer posts I have made for folks about both sting halts and epsm that I think you will enjoy reviewing.

(if not "clickable" copy and paste these addresses into your browsers address bar)

I know you find this helpful and totally following the recommendations of the feeding program will benefit your horse even further.

Thanks for asking and of course, for you support!

Dr. Dan

Bug Check