Lori asks this about joint stiffness and something called "Ledum"

To: Dr. Dan

Lori I.

Hello Dr. Dan
 Question:  Have you ever heard of a holistic herb called "Ledum".  A
vet in CT recommends using Ledum 1M for lyme disease cure and
prevention in horses, dogs and cats. ( even his clients have used it)?
Just wondering what you think about it?


Hello Lori.

Its not an herb but considered a "homepathic" remedy.

It is good for tick bites, puncture wounds etc. and I have suggested its use before, BUT I also suggest to provide more immune support (Joint Check / Aller Check) and of course provide Bug Check (it's more than "just a bug product). and Joint Check being like 2 products in one… an antioxidant and for "joint support"

Alone it the homepathic remedy may help, but just not something I personally use just alone.

Thanks for asking!

Joint Check
Aller Check
Bug Check