Leslie shares an update about her "mini" and asks about equine ulcers, panic attacks and more…

To: Dr. Dan

Leslie W.

Dear Dr. Dan,
My horse has panic attacks. Sometimes they are quite severe–to the
point that he will not eat for about 3-5 days. He will nibble on a
little hay but, will not eat his grain. Something sets him off and he
will work himself into a white foam sweat. Most of the time this seems
to happen in the early morning hours but, this most recent episode was
the day before the 4th of July. He was out in the riding area racing
back and forth very concerned about "something" in the woods. I am
concerned that from these episodes that he then ends up with an ulcer.
What would you recommend to treat an ulcer?
Presently, I feed mostly oats, with a little bit of Poulin'd MVP
pellets supplement, and Blue Seal Hay stretcher pellets along with a
good quality hay and plent of fresh water. He gets Red Cal and
Cocosoyo oil. We have no pasture but, he gets turn out every day —
weather permitting.
Thank you in advance,

p.s. you helped me recently with my mini….per your recommendation he
is/was on Critical care laminitis formula and, now is on Health Check.
He is doing great, looks like a real mini instead of an overgrown
woodtick!! I can't believe the weight he has lost! With in three days
of being on the Critical Care we stopped the Bananmine and all the
rest of the drugs that were not working!

Thank you for your help and great products!

Hi Leslie,

Thank you for sharing about your mini and the kind words. I appreciate it for sure.

Also great on providing Red Cal… now please consider the Weight Check Oil (instead of cocosoyo)
and the Just Add Oats supplement to be on the feeding program 100% (FeedForSuccess.com) and
then also provide the targeted support of our Gut Check natural supplement.

This has helped so many with the challenges you mention ulcers, calming etc.

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Hope this helps and thanks for your support Leslie. Keep me posted for sure on this and again thanks for the update about your mini!

Dr. Dan