Kendall asks about our Grape Balm as a solution…

Kendall M.

I have not been able to ride my horse for over 2 months because he
keeps his belly rubbed raw. He is hypersensitive to midges and
noseeums. I have used EVERYTHING! even hemroid  cream. So…..?

Hello Kendal,

Topically, yes the Grape Balm would be recommended, but it is my recommendation that you provide support from the inside- out.

You should also provide Bug Check for him and consider adding the targeted support of Aller Check and for extra support Health Check– to help from the inside-out as mentioned.

Bug Check especially as it is much more than "just" a bug product as its formula will support the skin and coat… not to mention the other benefits from the antioxidants and AllTech's lacto-sacc probiotics.

Of course optimum results could be more expected if the above targeted support was used in conjunction the foundation of our
Feed For Success feeding program, a total program that is time-tested and has helped so many today and through the years.
Review: if not done so yet.

The above has helped many with same challenges through the years.

Thanks for asking and keep me posted.
Dr. Dan