Karoline asks about natural solution for dog's heartworms…

To: Dr. Dan

Karoline K

I am looking for something natural for heartworm.  My dog gets
seizures everytime I use Heartguard and also with the flea and tick
applications.  I did buy something nautral for the flea and tick,
do you have something natural for the heartworm.
Thank you,

Hi Karoline,

here is no natural alternative for heartworm except keeping the "bugs" off and keeping them healthy as possible (a healthy immune system. For this I would suggest out Bug Check and at least the Health Check for pets. Both work from the inside-out.



If something extra topically is desired for the ticks and fleas, we also have an all-natural spray called Finally Something That Works— it is not a "kill" but will help keep off as good as anything else naturally.

Thanks for asking!