Julie asks about 8 yr old gelding's yellow oozing scabs with loss of mane/tail hair

To: Dr. Dan

Julie B.

Hi Dr. Dan,
I really need your help. Since moving my 8 year old Gelding to a new
pasture 3 months ago, he's been battling yellow/orange scabs in his
mane and tail. When I remove the scabs his skin oozes and the hair
comes off with the scabs. Currently on Just Add Oats, Bug Check, DE,
Kelp, Sulfur, Copper. Just ordered Red Cal. Been treating areas with
SWAT, Listerine Mouth Wash, iodine bathes. I have not found any ticks
or other insects embedded in the scabs. He's outside 24 hours a day.
Unfortunately this pasture does not allow free choice feeding or
buildings for shelter. There are two other horses in the pasture, so
free choice for my gelding is No Longer A FREE CHOICE
(unfortunately).Please give me some other suggestions, and thank you
for your time.

Hello Lisa,

My first recommendation is to provide the feeding program 100%.

If you have to, you can provide RED CAL by top-dressing one tablespoon daily…
this of course with other components of the program. Is this something you could
make work with this current setup and alongside with the providing of Bug check
that is happening now?

I just can't stress enough the importance of having this foundation in place.

Stop the kelp, copper and yellow sulfur.. stick with the entire feeding program and provide the targeted support of Health Check to help detox whatever the body is trying to "discharge".

Topically, provide our Grape Balm and nothing else.

Let me know if this was helpful Lisa, and again, please share your thoughts about making it work for him.

Dr. Dan

Thank you so much for your help and quick responce. I'll get on it straight away. I know he must be miserable.
Absolutely love your products!
So Many Thanks,