Jim and Nelda asks this about providing Red Cal

To: Dr. Dan

Jim and Nelda

I ordered Red Cal.  However, with the large amount of horses, I
decided feeding free choice would be labor intensive, plus horses
share the same runnout.  So I put a scoop-the one from the feed
through package-in their morning grain.  My question, "Is this too
much for them to get that much everyday?"  They eat it with their
grain and the feed through product.

I know you recommend free choice, but that would mean an extra bucket
in each stall.  We have two water buckets and a feeder in each now and
the stalls are not 12×12.

I don't want to overfed the Red Cal and cause any problems for the horse.
Thank you.

Hi Jim,

This will be fine Jim and not too much. Only healthy, but free-choice they will eat
what they need when they know they need it. Could eat more or could eat less-
they just know. So if there was ever a way this would be preferred, but again
what you are doing is fine. Be sure to remove any blocks/rocks too- (just in case).

I appreciate you choosing to provide Red Cal for your horses and for your support.

Stay in touch and keep me posted on things.

Dr. Dan