Jane asks: Best time to apply Pasture Check and best time to give Worm Check

To: Dr. Dan

Jane W.

Hi Dr. Dan,  Is the goal for the Pasture check to be absorbed by the
plants foliage or for it to go into the ground and be absorbed by the
plants roots?  We are going to have rain the next few days and I am
wondering if Pasture check should be applied and let dry before
getting wet again.  Also do the horses need to stay off the grass
until it dries?  I just got my product and would like to apply in the
next few days, but are there optimum times of the year to apply it?
We have a bermuda grass pasture. Thank you for making this product
available.  I have been giving my dogs Fulvic and Humic complexes for
their allergies for years and they have helped them immensely. As far
as Worm check goes is it better to give it in advance of the Full moon
or at the Full moon or does it matter. I have always given traditional
wormer on the Full moon.  

Thank you so much for your help!  Jane

Hello Jane.

Pasture Check can be applied pretty much at anytime. It works both on foliage and within the earth but primarily within the soil, so before a rain/dry is great. Also, because it's all-natural, there is no need to keep off the grass. Below, I am including application tips from the website in case you need.

For the Worm Check- just before a full moon the worms are more active is ideal like you know, but works anytime.

Thanks for your support and for asking!

Dr. Dan

Application Tips:

This will provide the info you need to determine the needs for your own situation.
It may seem to be a little confusing to apply and thus want to explain carefully.

Actually it is simple as mixing the amount of Pasture Check needed for your acreage with water and spraying onto the acreage but the problem is that every sprayer seems to discharge at different amounts so you first have to determine how much water (number of tanks to cover your acreage) is needed to cover your acreage.

How much Pasture check to put in each tank though is easy. A five acre package covers 5 acres, a 10 acre package covers 10.. So just divide accordingly for YOUR acreage.

The simplest way to determine how fast your sprayer discharges and thus how many tanks of water will be needed is to do a test run with just water. Fill your sprayer tank with water only and see how far the tank goes. THEN determine how many tanks of water you need to cover your acreage, divide the amount of Pasture Check needed into those tanks and start spraying. As an example, if it appears from the trial run with just water that it is going to take 5 tanks to cover your 5 acres then put one 1/5th of the 5 acre Pasture Check package in each tank . If your acreage is only 1 acre, of course you will only be using 1/5th of the entire 5 acre Pasture Check package in the 5 tanks.