Jan asks: Clover Allergies?

To: Dr. Dan

Jan V.

Hi Dr. Dan,

There is a large percentage of white clover in our horse pasture. As I
understand it, clover can get a fungus that produces a chemical called
slaframine which horses are allergic to. It causes them to drool
excessively. My experience has been that they also become excitable on
the clover because of the high sugar contact. I do not want to use
herbicides to control the clover, but would rather have more grass in
the pasture.  What would you recommend? Would your Pasture Check help
the clover be healthier so it doesn't get a fungus and encourage more
grass to grow? Would liming the pasture help? I do feed Red Cal,
Weight Check oil, JAO, Bug Check, Joint Check and Hoof Check along
with oats to all our horses. They are all very healthy otherwise, but
I'd sure like to eliminate the clover problem without the use of harsh

Thank you,


Hi Jan, hope all is great.

I actually sow clover (20%) along with orchard grass (40%) and timothy (40%) The horses do slobber etc. but never in 30 years have I seen a real issue other than some excessive slobber.  Yes, as I do, I would suggest lime and Pasture Check for you as well, but I personally… I would not be concerned with clover.

As always… thanks for your support and asking me about this. 🙂

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