Greta asks about feeding oats (switching)

I have a 3 yr old paint (approx 700 lbs) that I have been feeding about 4 lbs of Stragedy too daily. I have ordered your just add oats and was wondering about the transition and also approximately the poundage of the oats when I make the switch. The bag of oats did not specify. He is a pasture horse with all the grass he needs.

Greta B.

Great on the switch! I'm going to share what I share with others as I am asked this a lot. Feeding is not a science. Its more of an art .. if the weight is now good then continue as is. Generally most horses don't need much oats and should get no other grain other oats anyway. "Science" says 1% of body weight daily for grain. I say the less the better overall.

Now, in making the switch, some are able to switch 100% ("cold turkey") right away and others not. Half and half is a good starting point— or just at whatever amount they will eat at beginning and adjust accordingly. With this approach you are basically take what you have been providing feed-wise continue same amount but just dividing between the two. If it seems they prefer a little less of "the new"… then you will start at a point that they like and gradually increase every 3 days or so and work through this— backing back down to last amount that worked and back up more slowly if needed. It can be a process, but regradless is only worth it at the end— which is in fact a "new beginning" for your horse!

Of course please make RED CAL available free-choice at all times and consider providing the Weight Check Oil to be completely on board with the feeding program. As for the Weight Check Oil, it's best to use at each feeding because it makes everything "stick" but it is not required. The key is just make sure they are getting it— they need these good fats. I know you will be pleased.

I hope this helps. And please keep me posted on the switch.

Dr. Dan