Elaine asks about de- worming a 19 yr old clydesdale that has round worms

To: Dr. Dan

elaine w.

My horse has typically not had a problems with ever having high worm
counts and certainly not round worms. some how she has round worms and
I'm wondering if it was because the last 7 weeks she has had 3
episodes of laminitis on three different hooves one at a time that
were mild but never the less was stressful for her and particulary the
third time.  the vets sayd it is from the extreme heat in the Phoenix
area. Could the worms and laminitis be connected.  Her laminitis is
clearing up and I want to have her wormed but am worried about she
getting impacted colic or severe laminitis from the worm dying off.
She had to colic surgery when she was 7 yrs and gets mild boats of
colic once in a while if she eats too rich of hay or gets on lush
pasture.  she is just eating grass hay.   The barn she was at last has
had foals there.  She never had a problem with that before but I
wonder if she became susceptible from the stress of the laminitis

Hello Elaine,

Yes, stress and a compromised immune system is the very reason horses come down with parasites or really most any type of health challenge.

I would suggest our Joint Check for targeted support for both the immune system and for inflammation.joint support as it is both, 2 products in one.

This targeted support of course, upon the foundation (100%) of my feeding program FeedForSuccess.com Especially RED CAL– it's the one product I would not go without providing any horse and since you mentioned colic episodes I will refer you to several question/answer conversations on that at: askdrdan.com/tag/colic/

Impactions are less likely in older horses .. yearlings are where most problematic.

I would like to refer you to WormCheck.com for "all things fecal/deworming" if you have not had the chance yet. Our natural dewormer- Worm Check is a tremendous product when the need has been determined.

I think you will find the above helpful. Thanks for asking!