Chris shares a testimonial and asks this for her mare…

To: Dr. Dan



Hello Dr.Dan,
I first want to say Iam so thrilled with the products. It is the first
time EVER in over 20 years of trying things for my horses that works
and that they all LOVE. Thank you so much for the OUTSTANDING

I would like to tell you about a mare I have and see what you

She is a 6 year old. She slipped and fell as a 3 yr old on ice at a
full speed canter. SHe got up and seemed to moce perfectly hine,
however she was shaking a bit and broke out in a sweat like when they
colic. I had the vet out and  they found her very sore over her left
lower back. SHe could barely trot to the right and would nearly
explode if asked to canter… she would kick out and could only cross

The vet put her on anti inflammatories and I hand walked her daily for
a month. Afterwards I had massaging, chiropractic work done on and
off. Also, she would react violently when asked to pick up her left
hind foot for trimmimg….. NEVER did this before the fall. Then as a
4 year old she reared and fell over twice… landing on the left side
and shoulder. Same things…. wouldnt want to go to the right… trot
or canter.

Gave her off with 24/7 turn out.Now 2 years later
she started acting up for the farrier again….. cannot hold her left
hind up high or outward. She is good if they dont lift it high…..
but is very concerned and worried.

Can you please offer any suggestions. Its been 3 long years.
She was fine for quite awhile and I had her bred… she is 5 weeks
along!! Thank you very much for your time!!

Thanks for sharing Chris. I appreciate your support and taking the time to say the kind words. Couldn't do it without you.

Regardless of actual cause. Keep up the chiropractic and staft on joint… if non responsive after a month then start providing the Critical Care Founder/Laminitis formula for the natural anti-inflammatory support.

Thanks again for what you shared. I appreciate you and keep me posted.

Dr. Dan

CRITICAL CARE- Founder/Laminitis