Carmelita asks about Iron-rich water and respiratory problems with 22 year old Thoroughbred

To: Dr. Dan

Carmelita A.

Does ingesting very iron-rich water as the only water sourse cause or
increase respiratory problems in horses?  My horse has a bad
respiratory problem and he has never had one until this past spring.
He has lived in the area he is currently in most of his life.  The
water specifically where he has lived the past almost three years
(same area) has a whole lot of iron in it, also a lot of sulphur and
salt too, but mostly iron.  Could the water be part of the problem?
He is a 22 year old Thoroughbred.  Thank you!

Hi Carmen,

I really think chances are slim to none… "allergies" are way way more likely and
I have lots of info available online about allergies that I will share a good link
for you to review such.

Without, knowing what you are currently feeding besides supplementation I would
consider changing the feed/hay… if there might be a "dust" problem "stemming from that,
or even if providing commercial feed… that is a source of many "allergy-type" challenges–
that too will be covered in questions/answers/info available in the many pages/postings that you
will be led to through this link:
(bottom of each page will have a "older posts" link to take you to more)

Hope this helps and thanks for asking! Feel free to keep me posted as well.

Dr. Dan