Ann asks about solutions for her horse's poor hoof quality

To: Dr. Dan



My 20 year old thoroughbred has always had poor hoof quality despite
supplements over the years and recently refused all supplements.  He
is retired for about a year and has front shoes on.   I recently
started Red Cal which he nibbles on now and then.  My question is
regarding your hoof supplement – do horses find it palatable?  Is it a
pelleted product?  What is reasonable to expect from your product?
Our horses are turned out during the day in rough pasture with poor
pasture grass.  He gets 6 flakes of timothy/grass hay and 2 pounds of
Tribute Senior Kalm N Easy.
Thank you!

Hello Ann,

Thanks for providing RED CAL for him. If he is just nibbling if salt blocks have
been removed it may be possible that there is too much potassium still available
in the surroundings (pasture etc.) as those are really the only two reasons they don't eat-
but at the least he is "nibbling"– you could top-dress a pinch (no more than a tablespoon)
if you think he might need and to see if he is OK with it. (start with a pinch)

All of our products are palatable and the Hoof Check is as well, but not to say
that some picky eaters have to be more slowly introduced and worked up to
rate suggested. If provide the recommended rate and he doesn't like, then
back down to a pinch and slowly work up and adjusting along the way as needed.

I would ask that you consider the overall feeding program-
With those components oats, Red Cal, Just Add Oats, Weight Check Oil) in place
and provided there shouldn't be a need to provide the "targeted" support of the
Hoof Check supplement in the long-term and the feeding program will be better for
him overall.

Hope the above helps and appreciate you asking.

Thanks again for your support Ann.