Zsuzsu asks about Beet Pulp (and lets me "weigh-in") !


Hello – Can you please point me towards studies that have been done
that show beet pulp to be unhealthy for horses?

Thank you!

Hi Zsuzsu,

Here is the one I recommend that you review:

In looking at other times "beet pulp" has been mentioned:

You will see that it is my opinion to avoid. In fact it's essentially fiber and potential sugar issues. Hay is a cheaper source of fiber and no likely potential for sugar issues… also the "bulk" and hydrophilic nature of beets could potentially (and in my opinion based on what i have seen over the years) just "suck" nutrients right out of the gut as the bulk passes. And then finally- it's a root and roots accumulate pesticides… just something to consider.

Thanks for asking!

Extra note about this subject:
Regardless of what other's opinions are, ultimately what I shared above as well it would still be that it is my opinion to avoid more or less based on what I have seen, worked with and experienced first hand over the years that "trumps" anything else.  I have presided over thousands of "turnarounds" through the years—- some after one mere alteration… beet pulp was no longer provided and I don't believe it was coincidental.  Sure many others chose to provide it and continue to do so and you may very well chose to be a fan as well. I'm not and will not.

My suggestion is if you don't provide it now, you can always give it a try and see if it's "worth it"… if providing and not happy with something going on- then give it up for awhile and see if you notice any difference. If providing now and all seems to be well, well…

I do appreciate all that ask me about this and letting me "weigh" in. 🙂