Wendy asks about "Hot Horse"


We bought a horse (9) about four weeks ago.  He seems to be settling
in with our other two horses, stands well, is fine on the ground, and
loads in/out of trailer with no problems. When he comes out of the
trailer he is drenched. He is very nervous/anxious before riding and
gets worse the longer he rides.  He quivers and urinates frequently
and never settles down. The previous owner indicates he was never a
problem. He rode trails and worked cattle.  He thinks it may be
because we have had him on oats (very small amount). Could this be the
case? How long does it take grain to work out of his system? His
behavior is really bizarre.

Hi Wendy,

From afar, I can't be certain of all, but diet-wise I am certain that
it is not the oats-no matter what the amount. I applaud you for providing!

I've been a proponent of oats for years and have been personally
connected with thousands of horses through the years besides
my own (test herd if you want) and never have seen oats cause this.

With that said, I do of course have my own feeding program that is time-tested
and time-proven, again for many years and thousands of horses. I
do recommend and ask that you consider the program and the
components that make up the total program– not just for him
but for the others as well. RED CAL (natural ancient and pristine salt/minerals/electrolytes)
Weight Check Oil (gmo-free source of omegas… the "good fats") and then the
vitamins/minerals/probiotics and more of the "Just Add oats" supplement

See: FeedForSuccess.com

Our Bug Check product, being more than "just" a bug product,
also has ingredients that possess calming qualities and could
be considered as well.

Please keep me posted and thanks for connecting.

 Dr. Dan