Sarah asks about RED Cal and the southern summer heat

Sarah P.

I purchased my Rocky Mountain horse from Kentucky in April and he was
on Red Cal at his barn, Van Bert Farms, so I continued it here in
Albany , Georgia. We are having some really hot days, and although our
horses can run in their stalls from their paddocks and we have stall
fans, one of our new horses, also from Kentucky, has experienced some
heat related issues. He is not on Red Cal. My horse is, and I wondered
if I should discontinue the Red Cal, which I top dress on his food
each morning, until this extreme heat is over? He  and his paddock
mate have 2 water troughs, but their stalls have western exposure all
afternoon and we are having temps of 90-95. Is it too much to feed the
Red Cal in the south Georgia summer heat? I can't offer it free choice
because his paddock mate is not using the supplement.
Sarah P.

Hello Sarah,

I appreciate you continuing what my friends at Van Bert do with all their horses, but stopping would be the worse thing- while I would add this is true for anytime in the future, I will say especially now (do not stop). They need Red Cal, but really they need it free-choice so they can eat what they need during the extreme heat. I had my office to check to make sure you were getting our emails as it is always this time of year I have to emphasize providing Red Cal and I've touched base on this just these past few days.

But if you could figure out a way to offer free-choice 24/7 this is what is truly needed. Possibly send the owner to our website so they can see just how beneficial Red Cal is— not just because of the heat and the needed salt and electrolytes, but for the minerals and so much more that is included– not to mention all provided from nature.

It's simply that important.

Maybe if they have any questions- they too can ask me and I will be glad to answer– just need to figure out a way to provide free-choice so that can eat what they know they need.

Thanks for asking first Sarah.

Dr. Dan

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