Samantha asks about iron and our RED CAL


What is the iron content of this salt?

Hi Samantha.

I appreciate you asking and for the record, I am aware of what is too-often said in regards to iron. You might enjoy this posting from a little over a year ago that I made here:

With that shared, what trace amounts of iron Red Cal might contain, it is only "natures" iron– naturally occurring from the natural/organic ingredients and nothing added iron-wise.

And please know that it is just more than "just salt". Even at that, the salt content is provided by the natural pristine source of an ancient sea bed- not simply the likely-to-be-contaminated ocean. And even more, it provides trace minerals (probably some we are not even aware of… yet!) and also needed electrolytes while also including Diatomaceous Earth and ORGANIC Selenium and much more!

Tons and tons (and tons) of Red Cal shipped weekly through the years with only positive results.

I appreciate you asking about it and considering as a product to provide your horse(s) Samantha.

Hope the above was helpful. If you need anything else, do not hesitate to ask.

Dr. Dan

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