Nora asks about relief for her dog, "itchy Kirby"

Nora M.

Dear Dr Dan,

I have been running up my vet bill with no sign of relief for my 9
year old dashaund's itching.    Talked with a friend about your
natural vet products.    Just got done reading alot of articles.
Sounds like the Aller Check is what I would like to try.   Is there
any such shampoo that will help also.

Willing to hear back soon, its driving me and Kirby up the walls.

Nora and Itchy Kirby

Hello Nora,

Thanks for checking things out and considering our products for Kirby.

Aller Check and the Omega (Coat) Check will be very beneficial.

Just an ordinary oatmeal bath/shampoo will help .. even daily if desired.

I personally provide a brand called Innova. Might also consider a more natural food if not already.

Thanks for asking and keep me posted. Tell your friend thanks also!

Dr. Dan

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