Lori asks about bute and natural support for inflammation after an accident

Hi Dr. Dan, While trail riding last Saturday my sisters horse slipped and fell on his side with her on him going down a hill. He seems to be favoring his back leg when he walks. Seems to be stiff in the hip. I suggested to give him some bute for inflamation & pain. Her vet said to give him nothing cause bute is hard on his kidneys. Do you agree he should get nothing for his pain? Is there a natural pain killer & inflamation reducer that won't hurt the kidneys? What are your thoughts?

Thank you, Lori

Hi Lori, I avoid bute if at all possible. I would consider having checked, but otherwise I would first give arnica montana… it's a homeopathic remedy found at healthfood stores etc. Our "Critical Care" Laminitis formula is ideal for fighting inflammatory issues- pricey but nothing like it- Generally only a tub is needed followed by Joint Check for the longer term as needed I "cant tell u these help pain" but I would certainly consider starting there. If it continues/worsens of course the best choice is to have checked.

Thank you Lori. Keep me posted.