Leslie asks: Oats..Do they make older horses tie up?

Leslie M.

I've always fed just plain oats with Red-Cal to my horses with great
success but I noticed on-line on a discussion board that someone
stated that oats can make an older horse tie up. What is your opinion
on this please?

Hello Leslie.

My opinion is that it does not and I don't believe any other negatives that you may eventually run across on the internet about oats.

Of course I have personally been feeding oats for years to over 100 horses (test herd if you want to call it that) besides the thousands of horses I have been "connected to" through the years.

I've tried to present my opinion(s) best I can on my websites and FeedForSuccess.com and the articles, audios, videos are there for anyone to review. The "Library" link (DrDanLibrary.com) also has other audios of of "live" event audio presentations of which are of the oats/feeding subject also.

Again, I know first-hand thousands everyday are feeding oats to young and old… competition or pleasure and have been "feeding for success" for years- so I'm pretty confident with this path I, You and the others are on. 🙂

I appreciate your support, but know that it's usually no-use in debating. I don't do it and only
present what experience has taught me and what I've been blessed to bring all to-gether- for all to-benefit.

Thanks for asking!

Dr. Dan