Kathy with an update on her horse's sarcoid!

Hello Dr. Dan,

I have been feeding your Aller Check for 2 months now and have my mare on the RED Cal.  I have just started feeding the Bug Check.  I have been using the Grape Balm on the Sarcoid.  The Sarcoid has flaked off and is much smaller.  Just 2 small bumps are left and they are smooth and red.  They are close together and very small (like 2 bee bees).  I check today and those little bumps are now drying up and don't look as red.

Should I continue to feed what I am feeding and using the Grape Balm?  I am really pleased at how the crusty larger part of the Sarcoid has just fallen off.  Any suggestions?  When my vet looked at it in February he said to just leave it alone as far as removing it surgically and just watch it.  It is smaller now than in February.

Let me know how you would proceed.

Thanks for your help.


Hello Kathy— that is great!

At this point I would continue as you are doing with Aller Check and the Grape Balm. Aller Check is only healthy so it could be provided in some amount into the future- especially if not on feeding program… I best suggestion (for everyone) is for all aspects of the feeding program being adhered to 100% for not only for optimum results (even better than what you are having now) but to just be proactive. The Bug Check is a great start to this and please consider it for year-round use even if at just the small requirements when extra is not needed to fight particular "buggy" problems during the seasons.

Keep me posted and do consider above in the meantime.

Thanks so much.

Dr. Dan