Julie asks about her horses' Pasture injury and tender hooves

Julie B.

Hello Dr. Dan,

We have been using your products for a few years now and always tell
others about it when we get a chance.  Currently our horses are on
Red-Cal and Bug Check.  I have two questions for you…
This June one of my Arabian mares, age 7, came in from the pasture
with a swollen hind fetlock, pastern, and with slight swelling on the
back of her cannon.  My local vet recommended (over the phone) soaking
her leg in epsom salt and warm water along with applying Absorbine to
the leg twice a day for four days.  I did that and have continued to
apply the absorbine since.  It has been three weeks and her swelling
goes down during the day when she is out to pasture but is swollen
every morning, as she spends nights in her stall.  I am worried that
this could be a more serious injury than I first expected.  My long
term goal for her is to become a reining horse.
My second mare is also a 7 year old Arabian mare.  She gets
occasionally gets very sore after a trimming.  Her hooves are very
bell shaped.  I remind the farrier every time he trims to go easy on
her, but she sometimes gets so sore that for several days she has a
hard time walking out of her stall in the morning.  I keep her

Can you recommend treatments for the two of them?  Is it possible that
there would be a product that could work for both of them?

Thank you so much for your time and dedication,

Julie Brooke

Hello Julie.

I really appreciate your support!

I would start providing Joint Check as soon as possible and get
and keep in the system. Joint Check is not only a potent "joint-type"
product but also includes lots of antioxidant power which will also
benefit overall (It's Health Check + joint support).

The Joint Check formula contains natural ingredients that have an anti-inflammatory effect that will support through the challenges you mentioned for both, including the hooves.

Thanks again for asking Julie! And keep me posted!