Jeanna asks about detox effects of our REDOXX

Jeanna T

I have been taking the Redoxx for about a week. does a body go through
detox and about how long does it take.

Hi Jeanna,

Everyone is different as far as what "shows', but regardless it is working on the inside. Generally it will not have any type of harsh detoxing/cleansing effect as the main ingredient the Montmorillonite Clay will attract the toxins (esp. heavy metal) and they will bind and be carried out of the system helping to support a cleaner liver and more. There are other ingredients that help to remove the toxins from the body and being an "anti" oxidant— removing the oxidative stress that rusts our bodies so to speak. I will include link below back to webpage if you don't have brochure in hand to review. If not already, consider the "mega-dosing" aspect of the instructions upon initial usage also.

I am also attaching a brief Clay The Miracle Of Life Article (Read: Clay, The Miracle Of Life.) I think you will enjoy. (it is also on website).

Hope all this helps for you to realize even more just what a great product you have your hands on and I appreciate that you have made it part of your daily regimen.

Dr. Dan