Jane asks: "my horse and oats"


Jane A.

Hi, I just read your article about oats. I switched my horse to a
mostly oat diet because it is organic about 8 months ago. It is made
by a Canadian company called Genesis. I really like to think I and my
animals are eating real food…That product will now not be locally
available so she now is getting whole oats with I'm thinking too many
supplements. Her hay is alfalfa. She gets only a short amount of time
grazing. I added a flax supplement to her diet as well as a multi
vitaman (grandvite). I also have her on a b complex and a hoof and
joint supplement.  Also I have added timothy hay cubes.n to get and
keep weight on. Any suggestions etc would be very appreciated.



Hi Jane. Thanks for connecting and reading the article.

I generally recommend whole oats when I am asked to choose so you are great there.
And just FYI, I like timothy and/or orchard, but alfalfa is fine as well.

If you haven't reviewed my feeding program on the website
(FeedForSuccess.com will get you there) please do so– this is the foundation
I feel is best for those you care for- the same foundation that thousands have
put 100% into place through the years.

You're already providing the oats and by providing the 3 components/supplements
that make up and complete the program 100%, you will be on track and really don't
think anything else will be needed. Those 3 products are "Just Add Oats", Weight Check Oil
and Red Cal.

There will be no need for flax. The benefits you are seeking from the flax are obtained through
our GMO-Free Weight Check Oil that is part of the program— I personally am not a big fan of flax
and often refer folks to this article:

Keep in mind as well that a very key component to the program is our (Nature's) Red Cal
product being provided free-choice 24/7.

Just Add Oats is a multi-functional product…. more than just vitamins/minerals

Again all the details will be accessed via
FeedForSuccess.com as well as these direct product links.


I hope this information is helpful as you decide. I appreciate you
asking and considering my products Jane.

Keep me posted!