Heidi asks for recommendations for her cresty neck horse


Hi I have a welsh mountain poy stallion that has a massive cresty neck
and I am neck sweating him 24/7 and have him on only soy and low gi
feeds, I just cannot get rid of his cresty neck and as I show him its
not a good look_ What can I do?? Please help


Hello Heidi.

My first recommendation is to try and get my feeding program in place as soon as possible.

Please review FeedForSuccess.com There is lots of information there
as well as in "The Library". In fact I have an audio, from a presentation
at the Spring 2011 EQUINE AFFAIRE, "Fat, Overweight and Cresty-Necked Horses"
that you will find available on this page:

One of the components of the feeding program, is our (nature's) RED CAL
salt/mineral free-choice fed alternative to junky rocks/blocks.

We have a version of the RED CAL (Hi-Mag) that has extra added Magnesium
that is more suited for the challenges such as yours.

While I would hope you would consider adhering to the program 100%,
Red Cal should be provided regardless of what you decide/continue to feed.

In addition to the above, I have a "Critical Care" Metabolic formula that by the
what you tell me should be provided to help get under control. It is pricey, but
nothing like it. At this time we are out-of-stock but should have back soon,
but still get the rest into place to have the proper foundation in place.

Also, if you want to see more of the same as I have mentioned above, you
can visit and browse through pages on the subject of "cresty neck" here:

I hope this is helpful to you and you are soon on the way to clearing this up.

Thanks for asking Heidi,

Dr. Dan