Gleanda asks about Cushings and her 25 year old mare…

Glenda F.

my 25 year old Mare is not shedding is there any thing i can give
her. Does she need thyroid medicine?
Someone suggested Pergolide liguid.

Hi Glenda,

The first thing I can suggest "naturally" is to consider the foundation of our feeding program as soon as possible to build upon then possibly provide a couple of targeted support products that will probably be needed at least for a short while.

Adhere to the program 100% (see — articles there also discuss cushings) of regular RED CAL, Weight Check Oil and the Just Add Oats to make oats or any grain complete. (preferably oats! — I use "whole")

Also with this.. consider our Gut Check "targeted" support product to support the gut through this. This would be the minimum. Also consider the Joint Check for not only joint support but for antioxidant support as well to help get and keep junk out and get more goody in.

There is an audio in the Library at (click on Audio section) titled, "Insulin Resistance, Hyper-Thyroidism, Cushings" and some other postings on the question/answer blog here:

There have been others that have been on peroglide and with the above been able to wean off as well as thyroid medicine when trying to face the challenge of cushings.

Keep me posted on this and I appreciate you asking.

Dr. Dan