Gina asks about rye grass, ulcers and more…

Gina K

Hi Dr. Dan,

Lots of hay growers are using rye grass this year in their forage mix,
alfalfa mix and just straight rye grass. I have heard that it has way
too much potassium and that can be a huge problem. Many horses start
headshaking apparently when on rye grass pastures over in Australia,
UK and places like that. My horses get free choice Red Cal and I also
offer plain salt all the time. I will try to find other sources of hay
if you think its really bad news. thanks. Gina

Hello Gina.

Not fond of it but some is ok..but far from my favorite to say the least- it is good that you are providing RED CAL. And you are correct abut the potassium concern. In fact check out the "Why Red Cal" works info link and listen to a short audio (both) on the RED CAL page of the website.

Please get rid of the salt. It's simply not needed if providing nature's Red Cal free-choice. They simply will eat what they know they need if there is not other forms of salt available or if there is not the potassium imbalance occurring in the environment as mentioned again in the audio on above link. Turn up your speakers- audio starts automatically.

Please review the above and please consider not providing the extra salt regardless of source- but of course especially if man-made. Know that RED CAL is natural pristine sale from ancient sea beds— not even simply from a contaminated ocean.

Hope this is helpful Gina. I appreciate your support and for asking.

Thanks!  I buy the other salt for horses that are not mine and I cannot support with Red Cal.

Can you answer one more question, I have one horse who would eat easily 1/2 cup of Red Cal daily, he has never tapered off. I used to think that horses that require more salt also have ulcers and we think this horse does. We have treated him for them but still huge use of Red Cal, any ideas for him, thanks. Gina

Thanks for clearing that up Gina… just wasn't for sure. Hopefully someday you can somehow
get those other owners on board to help out and do whats best.
They may only require a smaller amount to balance out – naturally!

About ulcers… Let me send you to lots of other posts that I have made about ulcers here:

I'm so thankful and glad that you made the decision to provide Red Cal, but
to suggest the feeding program 100%. Has helped many many through the years with such.
Be sure at the least to stay the course with Red Cal and see how this progresses.

With that said, Gut Check would be great targeted support to add into any regimen. And if
"treating" means meds etc., then I would recommend using our  Health Check  to help "detox".

This post generated a comment from someone that had found success with the program (re: ulcers)

from Deana…

My horse had ulcers and was switched to oats, just add oats and is doing great…she would go off her commercial grain every month but since we started the natural vet program she is flourishing we now have all 25 horses on the program! =)

Hope this was helpful and thanks again for asking.

Dr. Dan