CJ asks: Ground Grape Pomace in Pet Aller Check?

CJ Largay

I understand that grapes are toxic to dogs. Can you tell me how grape
pomace is different and is not toxic to dogs as it is listed as one of
the ingredients in aller check for dogs.  I know you would not include
a toxic ingredient in your products.

Hello CJ.

A good question that I've been asked a few times over the years. I will honestly say that I have no clue nor do others as to why whole grapes or raisins are toxic for dogs- but they are.

However, we have been using grape pomace for nearly 20 years with only positive and never an adverse event nor problem of any kind with our usage of only the grape pomace/extract and that is based on it being provided to thousands and thousands.

It is a tremendous ingredient that makes all the difference health wise, etc. An ingredient that others have caught onto since we were the first to introduce in products for pets and horses that same 2 decades ago.

Hope this helps with your concerns and… Thanks for asking!

Dr. Dan