Chrissy asks about feeding horse of 28 years old


hi dr. dan i am currently feeding crimped oats and beet pulp of equal
weight along with  1/2 pound rice bran balanced in cal/phos with 1/2
cup of ground flaxseed and a vit/min supplement along with unlimited
hay and some pasture i also soak some tim. cubes 1-2 pounds as well .
is this a good feeding program?  thanks chrissy

Hi Chrissy,

As far as the oats and the pasture etc. you are on the right track. Please check out info/articles/audios etc.
at for my feeding program which consists of oats and then 3 main supplements/compnonents that should be adhered to 100% just as thousands of others do everyday.

I am not a fan of beet pulp as it is my opinion (and others) that it sucks nutrition from the gut and what you are seeking from it and the flax (not a fan of flax either) … what you are seeking from those ingredients and the other you mentioned- you can get (and more) from my "Just Add Oats" supplement and Weight Check Oil (gmo-free omegas/good fats).

You didn't mention if you are providing rocks/blocks, but there again you will see my stand on those as well as just how great our (nature's) RED CAL is and why it is absolutely needed. Don't miss this!

I am going to share a couple of more links below to other conversations and question/answer postings on the blog you visited so you can just see that I've been consistent with me message. In fact here is a very recent post:

I appreciate you asking and considering our supplements.

Dr. Dan