Chris asks: Feeding Program For Horses


Hello Dan,
I have two Trakehner mares both in foal and not due until next April.
Do you have a complete vitamin/ mineral supplement? They are easy

I also have a pony mare that I would like to switch over. Do you have any people that are WARMBLOOD breeders? 

I really am excited about getting my horses on a QUALITY feed program. I heard about your products from a friend and I must I NEVER seen horses that looked better!!!

Thank you!
Hi Chris,

I appreciate your friend sharing our program with you and look
forward to having your horse on board and feeding for success!
( if not already Chris, please review:

Providing the components of the program will meet their every need no
matter the circumstance, challenge, type of horse etc. The only adjustment
would be the "Hi-Mag" version of the RED CAL component for the easy-keepers.
(free-choice fed natural, ancient and pristine salt/minerals/electrolytes and more)
and while it is better for the easy-keppers, it is fine for all others as well– no need
to worry about providing both kinds as it is best to allow to have free-choice.

Red Cal along with the Weight Check Oil (gmo-free source of omegas… the "good fats")
and then the vitamins/minerals/probiotics and more of the "Just Add Oats" supplement
and some oats complete the program 100% and can benefit your as it has so many.

Hope this all helps to answer, if you have any questions- I'm here to help.

Thanks again for asking and for your support.

Hello Dan,
Thank you very much for the fast reply and info. I have read everything and have a question. Can you tell me if the "Just Add Oats" are chelated vitamin/minerals? It doesn't say anywhere. 
Thank you so much!!
You're welcome… while RED CAL contains naturally chelated as mentioned on the site and while this is is super— JAO is even better than chelated as its are organically "proteinated".

Thanks again for asking.

Dr. Dan