Barb asks for program suggestions for her horse (allergies and more)

Hi Dr. Dan,
My horse has a lot of allergies, and will throughout the year he gets scabby itchy bumps on his crest. 
Before I got a handle on this condition, he also had skin sensitive when I brushed him.
He also has ear plaque.  I had all this biopsied and was told, simply:  ear plaque and allergies.

I came onto your products at the Ohio Expo two years ago and have been giving my horse:
Just Add Oats  (Nat.Vet)
Red Cal w/ hi mag
Bug Check  
and Histall (AniMed)
He has definitely improved!  But I think I could do better for him? !
I've been thinking I could simplify what I've been doing.
What do you think about changing and eliminating some to :
Aller Check
Bug Check field formula 
Weight ck oil
Just Add Oats
Thank you for helping me with this decision.


Hello Mary!

Continue you as you are except you need to provide
Aller Check and at least for a short while, Health Check,
because you need to Stop the drug! It's just more junk for the body to detox
and the need for the extra help from Health Check to help detox.

So again, continue as you are but add our Aller Check to
replace the drug (histall) and then also provide Health
at this time for extra help to "clean things up"

No matter what don't stop RED CAL, but if the Field Formula of Bug Check will

work better into your feeding/regimen then you could do that rather than
Bug Check / RED CAL separate.

Keep me posted and thanks for your support Mary!

Dr. Dan