Karen asks, "Red Cal vs Red Cal Hi-Mag"

It was advised that I use Red Cal Hi Mag for my horse who is Insulin resistant.  However, I have 2 other horses turned out with this horse and not sure what to do about the Red Cal.  Should I just provide the Hi Mag to all 3 or only offer it in their stalls? My horses are only in their stalls for meals 2x per day – so not very long.  They tend to go for the Red Cal much better in the paddock.  At this time I have mixed the regular Red Cal and Hi Mag 1/2 and 1/2.  Please advise.


Hi Karen.

The best overall solution is to provide the Hi-Mag for all. Will only be healthy for the others.

Thanks for your support and for being a provider of RED CAL to your horses Karen!

Dr. Dan