Terri asks about her Quarter Horse Mare's hooves


Hello Dr Dan,
I recently bought an 11 year old Quarter Horse Mare. The farrier said
her hooves are soft and the 2 front ones are cracked/chipped.  He said
they don't need moister. I'm currently giving my mare 1 scoop per day
of Hoof Check. Should I also be using hoof oil, or grape seed hoof
oinment? If so, how much and how often should I put it on her hooves?
Thanks so much!

Hi Terri,

Hoof Check will be great and the Hoof Check conditioner topically will help. Give it all a little time and you will have stronger healthier hooves…. it will take 6 months to a year for the hoof to newly grow so hang in there.

If not tried before/already- As much of the feeding program that you would consider implementing would only make the results even better. I believe working from the inside-out helps more than anything with so many of the challenges we face… ourselves and of course, our companions. But with that said, at least consider the (nature's) Red Cal (much more than just salt/minerals) along with what you are already providing. Remove the blocks/rocks!

Thanks for asking and for your continued support. Keep me posted!

Dr. Dan