Susan asks an "oats" question for her horse…

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I wrote in recently about switching my horse over to your program once my program supply runs low.  However, I just read some facts about it not being good to put wheat bran into your horses diet.  I have been doing that for 4 years.  I currently feed one cup of crimped oats, 2 scoops (1cup) of wheat bran, 2 scoops of Cos_ _ _ _ _ n, and 2 scoops of A_ _ _ _ _ vitamin supplement.  I still have about 3 months left on all of these.  Would you recommend that I drop the wheat bran now, add the Red Cal (throw away his mineral block, lol) and add the weight check now?  I will be moving my horse home in a couple of weeks to my new facility so I don't want to change to much all at once.  However, I  have also been told that I should put him on Fast Trak for awhile until he adjusts to his new home, but I was thinking the Weight Check might help with the digestive system?   He is a sissy Thoroughbred even though he is 17 hands tall!.  He is a Hunter/Dressage horse and gets worked regularly.  Any advice?


With him already getting oats Susan, switching should be easy .. even switching "coldturkey" has not ever been an issue..I would just take a few days and switch. You can add a little of all you have so as to use the old "stuff" up with no issues, but go ahead and switch now.

I do ask that you consider our Joint Check instead of Cos_ _ _ _ _ n and of course our Gut Check is awesome, as well (verses) the fastrack probitoics but that really isn't needed generally as the probiotics from the program should be sufficient.- again unless the more "targeted support is desired or ever needed.

Thanks for asking. Keep me posted Susan.

Dr. Dan