Sheri asks about supplements "for me"…



I will be 50 this August.  I consider my self a "young" 49, but a
few things are happening:  on a thermography and eye reading it came
up that I'm very healthy "except" for my lymph nodes which come out
bright orange in the pictures. . .I've gone on a cleanse for 2 weeks. I
still have my period, but am experiencing mood swings and
forgetfullness.  I do have joint discomfort and get cramping in my
left middle toe that is unbearable even though I pretend it's o.k.  I
do not have normal bowel movements, never had and no products seem to
work. . .natural or otherwise.  They usually do the opposite, I'm
starting to overload on water to see if it helps.

I eat healthy, meaning hardly any sweets or white flour.  I'm not
overweight, but could stand to tighten up and loose a few which my
husband and I are doing now by cutting out night time treats.  I'm not
a big caffine aholic and I walk the treadmill, lift weights and ride

I'm lookiing to be the healthiest that I can be and would like to
know the best combo of your products to try.  I'm thinking the redox
and enhance.

Can you please suggest. . .


Hello Sheri.

Thanks for asking and considering our products. I am going to touch on each choice and include the direct links so you can read more about the product and its ingredients.

I think you're initial thoughts of the Redoxx and Enhance Factor are on target. I would suggest the Hi-Mag version for more support with your "discomforts"

Along with those 2 products I would choose between 2 of our special packs that
both feature a free bottle of the Cleanse Factor that can gently help you to be more regular.

With either of the packs- I would also add our "Comfort Caps" product, as it has ingredients that can help with "discomfort" both physically and mentally— both challenges you mentioned.

Now back to the difference between the 2 packs… the Four-Life pack also includes VitaVegEssentials a vitamin/mineral formula that also includes amounts of "vegetables" and other beneficial ingredients like Chlorophyll, Choline and Lysozme. I would consider this as you say you are not extremely overweight and are active (you didn't mention any lack of energy) and are eating right. The combination of all the above besides helping with the other challenges you mentioned might just be enough to help support your weightloss goals while also helping you to thrive beyond the challenges you are facing.

But, if more support seems to be needed for weight management you could use the "Classic Wellness" pack that includes the PLUS ADVANTAGE "muti-beneficial" product in lieu of the VitaVegEssentials. You of course could also add the PLUS to the first mentioned regimen, but only if you feel it is needed.

I am going to include direct links below to what I mentioned above. I hope the above info helps in your decision for a regimen to at least start and then work with to find the right combination of "giving your body what it needs to take care of itself". I do feel that my products can help with this and again I appreciate you asking and considering them. Keep me posted!

Dr. Dan