Sandi asks about feeding, weight/ digestive challenges…


have 6 yr old paint, foaled once 3 yrs ago, pastured for last 3 yrs w
little grass and no supplemental feeding,came to me low weight.
I have had since Nov 2011 on great pastures and started feeding a
pellet/grain/beet pulp  but was not gaining so vet recommended
Ul_ _ _ _ by P_ _ _ _ _ (and) still not much gain.  Fecal called for
Power Pac worming then she fattened quick.  She has had a runny butt
that I thought was from grass and being fed.  It seems to be getting
much worse now (end of May).  To the point that between hr legs is
starting to get raw.  I put diaper ointment on her after cleaning her
every day.  Have taken her off all supplemental feeding and she
continues to be 24/7 pastured because I read that too much protein
could cause this. Trying to let her digestive system settle down Have
also started pro-biotics paste. She seems to feel fine and looks great
except for her rear end which dribbles fluid anally.

Vet started her on a herbal gingseng also about a wk ago. I am trying
to ready her for sale and she looks great except need to get this rear
end issue solved.

Hi Sandi,

I would have to first suggest our feeding program ( especially if keeping. But if you want a starting point and don't want to go all in with the feeding program, I would at the very least recommend the #1 component- RED CAL provided free-choice and let eat all they know they need. I have a new and short audio on the RED CAL page if you would like to review. Also if not providing other components of program (Weight Check Oil and Just Add Oats supplelement, then I would recommend the targeted support provided form our Gut Check product– more than "just" a probiotic.

Since, you are not providing now I won't go into great detail, but I am not a fan of beet pulp (sucks nutrition from the gut), and of course not a fan of anything pelleted or commercial. Again see

Here are some other direct links for you to help you browse through my recommendations:

Thanks for asking and keep me posted!

Dr. Dan