Robbye asks about a picky eater when it comes to oats…

Robbye Edwards

I am changing my horse from pellets to Just Add Oats, Weight Check,
Bug Check, and Oats.  He is eating his hay great but won't touch his
oats.  Any suggestions??

Hello Robbye

Sometimes, folks have to start the oats regimen a little more slowly than others and by this I mean introduce a small amount into with what you are currently feeding (small amount of the oil even)…. start with a small amount in which they eat the mix and then work up every 3-5 days or so… if you reach a point that they stop, then back back down to last "good point" and increase a little slower the next cycle. This always works with the picky eaters.

Thanks so much for being onboard with the feeding program Robbye. Keep me posted!