Natasha asks about selenium for her horses…


Hello Dr. Dan
I live in a selenium deficient area of the country.  All my hay is
local and my horses graze on selenuim deficient grasses.  My horses
are already on your Red Cal and Bug Check.  Its truely great stuff!!
One of my horses is recovering from EPM and has some muscle wasting.
My vet recommended supplementing all my horses with Vit E and
Selenium.  I have heard of horses in my area with muscle issues due to
selenium deficiencies.  What is the best way to add selenium in a
Natural Healthy way?  They do get a hand full of grain with cocosoy
oil and your bug check only 1x a day. And of course free choice red
cal.    Thank you for all your great advice.

Hello Natasha, Great News— you are already providing selenium when you provide Red Cal and Bug Check, and you should be pleased to know that it's not junk selenium, but rather high-quality organic selenium that they can't get too much of!

As far as supplementing Vitamin E (and much more)— you can cover that with the "Just Add Oats", that while I use and suggest oats, it will make any grain mix complete. Then, if I may suggest our high-quality gmo-free Weight Check Oil you are getting close to being on board 100% with my feeding program! 🙂

Again as far as our organic selenium, I use it in all the products and again you can't get too much of it.

Thanks for asking and for your support Natasha